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    Join the info webinar about the YOU ARE THE MANUAL system and the Teleclass beginning Nov 2 at 730pm-9pm EST.

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  • What is You are the Manual?

    Why did Jenna create this?

    What results have people got from the content?

    Find out in this brief video.

  • "Jenna is the best, most authentic coach/counselor/spiritual life changer I've ever come across. Listen to her, you will benefit."

    Patricia Yeats. Entrepreneur.

  • Is YOU ARE THE MANUAL for you?

    YOU ARE THE MANUAL Teleclass beginning 730pm NOV. 2, 2016 (EST)

    Who should join?

    If you have done a lot of self work, and just can't seem to get the results you'd hoped for.

    • If you simply feel "something's missing" and are overwhelmed with all the options in yoga, self help, books, and online programs. This is a good place to start.
    • If you want the best of the best in healing, transformation, psychotherapy, positive psychology, energy work, meditation and self development.
    • If you want to develop trust and confidence in both life and yourself.
    • If this just feels like a "yes".
    • If one on one sessions are too much of a stretch for your budget. You are the Manual is for you.

    We don't do fake coachy stuff up in here.

    Gimme the good stuff! ​

    What you won't get:

    • Tools you will never use because you don't have time.
    • Fake it till you make it, positive thinking mumbo jumbo that just makes you feel like a loser.
    • Methods that only work for some people, and not all people.
    • New age hype without any science or substance.

    What is included in the

    YOU ARE THE MANUAL Teleclass?

    Know, Understand, and Apply your 4 Intelligence Systems.

    Module 1: Mind- How to make it work for you.

    Module 2: Body- Body signals are your friend, not jerks.

    Module 3: Heart- Emotions and how to use their energy.

    Module 4: Spirit- Tap into your inborn resources.

    Module 5: Integration and Realistic Application.


    Each call contains 50-60min lecture and 30min Q and A.

    The entire program is interactive so your questions will be answered.

    Click here if you want to read about each module.



    Recordings of all the calls.

    Superb handouts for each module.

    Community of amazing people on a Facebook Group.

    LIVE healing, meditations, activations.


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    "I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in the darkness, the astonishing light of your own being."

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